After several years of careful planning, research and development, the North Star Distillery opened on 17th April 2016. We are based deep in the North Wales hills and are the first licensed distillery producing spirits in North Wales for 116 years. We are also the smallest in Wales, possibly even the UK.

We hand-craft fine spirits in extremely small batches of less than 30 bottles, using local ingredients and culture for our flavours and inspiration. We distil using superb Welsh water from the foothills of Snowdonia, and include freshly picked botanicals from hedgerows and gardens, allowing us the opportunity to authentically bottle something of the taste and character of the land. We also seek to express something of the North Wales culture, to communicate the musical and artistic creativity that flows in the Conwy and Denbighshire hills.

We aim to reflect all the beauty of North Wales in our products. In essence, to distil the Welsh Spirit.